Saturday, February 12, 2005

I may not be writing much here, but...

I am currently on page twenty-five of the feature script "Solid". This has occupied the greater part of my time lately...and most of my sleep! The very nature of the film is philosophical and dialogue heavy. I learned from a great man, that all you have to write! You have a lifetime to edit. So I allow the ideas to pour forth and spill onto the paper. Then, I have to make them connect, I have to make them fit. I take great care to insure that, in my own fashion, there is a cohesive effect running through the storyline. Another factor, is the dialogue itself, which is written by me and in my style, yet I have tailored it (or tried!) for the actors. We will see how it all works out.

I am scouting a location on the 27th of this month in Hydro, Oklahoma. This is the best sounding lead I have heard for the gas station I need. South of this point is our next stop, Red Rock Canyon State Park, my next scouting location. Coincidentally, if acceptable, these two locations will be the settings of the first two vignettes of the film.

As for props, these are the items I have been researching over the course of the past two weeks:

a galvanized steel oval (livestock) watering trough

a two man 45' boom lift from a rental store

large industrial size container of chocolate syrup

two handheld televisions

star-shaped ice cube trays

and a few other items I cannot remember right now.

I have talked with a local shopping outlet about the use of their property, and I have the complete ending and ending chapter written. Matthew, and his counterpart for the first chapter, have received said chapter for their review. I have only three out of the six vignettes left to finish. I predict that I will have a complete, or nearly complete script by the end of next week.


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