Sunday, February 20, 2005

Lack of Integrity

One simple scene in the new film has to change. I wrote a very simple part for a very simple reference of music to denote hearing as an element. I had a person in mind, and she would have been perfect.

She decided to appear in some swimsuit travesty, instead of retaining the dignity she had, and the example she was leading for her feminine peers. I can understand the bimbo blonde waitress, and the equally bimboesque wannabe "tough girl" bartender/waitress...there's not much out there for the talentless and shallow urban Tulsa scene. T & A is all they can amount too...all they choose to be. They try to hide behind charity...but charity can be given without neglecting your self-respect. It is a sad nation, when it takes such ridiculous circumstances in order for people to help their fellow humankind! And my former friend decided she wants to play this part.

The bottom line is, I cannot and will not condone this behavior. It is my principles on the line here, and I do not back down for any reason, especially money. If exposure was what she was after, she more ways than one. If she can live with it, then she will have to; I will not. Some of us, have to have values.

This script will be augmented appropriately.


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