Monday, February 21, 2005

Thoughts on the Day

I am spinning in different directions, feeling the normal persuasion that work is a waste of time, and I am trying to create on all levels despite the lack of energy. It is an unruly time.

I am on the quest for a decent, yet small and affordable bass amp. I have been in the company of Gordon for the past few days, and I cannot wait to have him properly adjusted by the Fender repair shop. This is a great bass guitar, and even though there may come a day where I would want a regular scale bass, the more I play Gordon, I seriously doubt that! I do not want to spend a small fortune on an amp, but I do not want a lackluster piece of equipment. I want something that will give the best sound for its size. Keep looking...

I have the ol' laptop word processor fully functional again. The volumes of poetry I have are amazing! It definitely excites me. I have not acquired inspiration to write or perform poetry in some time, but the thought of not one, but several books in my future is very exciting.

I am still struggling with the discipline of reading. I saw "Sphere" on the tele day before last, and I remember how much I enjoyed the book. I want to recapture that, but so many other things have my attention. Keep trying...

Now, I am winding down...not looking forward to "Hell Week" at work...trying to plant the seeds of dreams wherever they may grow, and I need sleep. The Rock and Roll in me is expanding, and I look forward to the next few weeks.

I have been unable to contact Matthew for several days, but Fae and I had the company of Derick and Jes last night for tea. It was a wonderful visit, and Derick now has a copy of one of his two characters for his review. I love when my actors are excited about their parts!

My mood: hopeful and sleepy.
Listening to: Kings of Convenience, and October Rust by Type O Negative.
Reading: old poetry written by Captain
Watching: Battlestar Galactica, The Alternative on VH1 Classic

Until the sun rises next time...


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