Sunday, February 20, 2005

Update on "Solid"

I have still been writing. The process is an account of frowns and smiles as well as opportunity. I write whenever I find the moment. It is a good story that compels its creater to journey on.

I am still negotiating the end location and have scouted the area just yesterday. I have communicated with the property management staff, and I expect an answer this next week.

Due to a formatting problem, the current script had to be revised. I have finished that today, and I am resuming the process. I think this was actually for the best, since I now have my dialogue exactly the way I want it.

I am talking, distinctly, with three actors. A fourth has yet to become fully aware of his role, should he choose to accept it. Props appear to be a matter of purchasing, and then returning when done; this will save about three hundred and fifty dollars.

I will be updating on the process in the next few days.


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