Monday, February 28, 2005

Saturday's Scouting Mission

As we await permission from the Utica Square Property Management Office, we are still making our journey forward. I am currently at page 30 on the script, and I have two vignettes left, Memory and Awakening.

I am still deciding on locales for the various scenes. The first few scenes are crucial, and I have chosen two possible locations. We decide to make the trip to scout these locations, and this past Saturday marked the most extensive scouting mission of Blue November history! It will be a trip that encompasses an approximate 400 miles and begins in OKC, where an award from Stage II was finally received.

6 a.m.

I was already tired from the last few days...Six in the morning was not welcome! I staggered out and into a shower, and then out to the Phoenix. I checked and added the appropriate fluids, loaded the cargo bay and prepared for passenger and pilot. My beautiful Navigator and Co-Pilot waited patiently as we set sail on another one of our infamous adventures.

8 a.m.

I have a full tank from the previous evening's fill up, and I make one last stop to check air pressure before we depart. At this point, our mission has cost $30.00 for gas.

10:30 a.m.

We arrive a little late to our first destination. We are meeting Maggie Abel and Dena Madole at the same sound studio where "In the Age of Winter" was recorded. Dena is the recipient for Best Sound in the Stage II competition of the Blue November MicroFilmFest of 2004.

A professional photographer was hired for the event, and the better part of thirty minutes was spent in various poses and arrays involving different arrangements of those present. After the task was accomplished, we presented our farewell and made way toward the Paseo District, where we dined on a light lunch with coffee. We had to make the usual OKC run to the Duncan Donuts, and then back South to the I-40 junction.

12 Noon

We begin driving West. The Phoenix is flying brilliantly across the asphalt sky! Our heading is Hydro, a small Route 66 town. We find the city, ask directions and find the gas station, our first mission objective, running parallel to the Interstate. The gas station has been out of service for some time, it is remote and unoccupied. This is perfect for the purpose of the film. We take pictures for production reference, and then we doubleback.

We head East and turn South toward Hinton. South of Hinton is Red rock Canyon State Park; this is our second mission objective. We turn down the entrance and begin the descent into the canyon.

The rock is a rich red that will translate well on Kodachrome. We slither through the snakelike passages, stopping periodically to investigate and document. It takes some time for me to find the exact spot I want. Persistence is a great ally! I not only find my target, I also find other points where a different element of the story can grow. Additional photos are recorded.

After we achieve our final goal, we plot a new course...for home.

6:30 p.m.

We arrive in the sunset hazy glow of Tulsa evening. In summary, our mission was successful. Both locations have officially been chosen for the film "Solid". We will plan a weekend camping expedition to Red Rock, shoot at Hydro before retiring to the Canyon, where we will shoot the following day.

Our evening draws to a close, and our daydreams melt into our slumber.


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