Monday, February 28, 2005

Crew additions for the film "Solid"

We have added several people to our crew for this upcoming feature film. Although the cast is nearly complete, I will refrain from announcing such until a later time.

The film will feature myself as Director and Writer, and of course the production will managed by Blue November as well, which is basically me again!

Fae Wiedenhoeft will be our Cinematographer. She will communicate with the Gaffer to ensure proper lighting for the subject, as well as operate the main camera. She will not handle this task alone, since I will be working by her side.

Nick Dubriwny will be our Script Supervisor. He will ensure consistency and continuity in the script, working with me on the final draft. Nick will also take on additional responsibilities during the actual shoot.

Jes Lenee' will be one of possibly several Production Assistants, although she will be in charge of that crew if one materializes. Her role will be to document our technical methods such as exposure settings and lighting. This will be the first crew position for the BNC acting alumni.

I will post full credits as they happen or as they are completed.


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