Sunday, August 26, 2007

Composers, the Rain and the Harsh Reality of Laziness

I've been receiving a great deal of response [to the crew call] from composers of all types and locations. I have firmly decided that Fae, in addition to other duties and as partial composer herself, will be the Music Supervisor of the film. Despite this decision, I am still open to listening to these composers that take the time to send me a link to their work, and I have to say, the result is pure disappointment!

I have a pet peeve about the filmmaking community at large and the "industry", as it were, and that pet peeve is mediocrity and conformity. That is why Oklahoma's film scene is lackluster and that is why our current state of film is so lame; we set standards and we abide by standards in a process that, being an act of creativity, has no boundaries! No one is coloring outside the lines anymore (which is the reason, in both film and music, that I have reverted to the past). Do you realize how many people have told me, "you can't do that!" or "you can't make a film if you think like that", to which I replied, "I have, and I am, and I will continue to do so!" These are not merely rants of my discontent, they are my advice to you.

That brings me back to my point regarding composers: why are they adhering to the textbook rules of stale and unimaginative regurgitation? Where is the Spike Jones of the film score world, where are the John Williams' and John Barry's, where is the ZZ Top's of instrumental composing? I ask you this, because...I aim to misbehave! Forget what people expect, do the unexpected, dammit!

The rain has wiped out another weekend of early morning footage potential. I wasn't really dead set on waking up at the same time I wake up to go to work, but we make these sacrifices for our art, right? The reason a weekend is needed and such an early rise is needed, is that there are less cars on the road where we are shooting; a necessity for guerrilla filmmaking tactics. I hope that next weekend is more favorable, or perhaps sometime this week...I dunno, but I realized that I am not one of those sixteen hour day directors, and even though I can and have shot a film until 4am, pushed the boundaries of human exhaustion and plunged head-first into uncharted waters, I know that I am really an armchair visionary, a relaxed filmmaking addict that is cool and collected rather than being frenetic and anal about everything. Yeah...that's me. What's the rush, when you don't have to be rushed? I hate fucking deadlines, man!

I am awake and running. I have dreams of submarines, sailing, EV vehicles and I am finally acquiring Cooper in a couple of weeks. I am nearly broke, but not quite so, and I have nothing but optimism for the future. The Fest, "WTFM", "Solid" and "Asphalt Canvas" are all on my plate and I feel blessed, in a non-Christian way, and excited. The future is bright, my friends...cheers!


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