Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flaming Blue Sand and a Trumpet

I now have the title and the bill of sale for Cooper, my first Beetle, in my possession! I have waited and researched a long time for this moment, and I cannot convey my excitement! I have big plans for him in the end, but for now, I have to get him running.

Last night was interesting considering the stale minds I am encountering this evening. Instead of the idiot who tells me what I can't and will not do, I found last night peaceful and stimulating...Fae's coworkers and a bonfire on the beach...nothing but sand and water and lighter fluid...acoustic guitars and drums, and in the distance, a trumpet! No one was harsh, rude or intrusive. I lit up a pipe, with a cap on my head. As I pointed out, in Oklahoma, a cop would have already accosted me with the question of "what are you smoking?" Pipe tobacco, dumb ass! The kids were alright. No beer or shouts from the devil or anything like that, but I found it easy to hang. They did like their fire, though. Ya can't beat a good fire! A blast of fluid sprays onto the sand, and we gaze at the flickering blue bursts across the sand. And the trumpet plays.


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