Monday, September 17, 2007

Belly Dancers, Entries and Music from Canada!

I haven't posted here in awhile, but I kind of bore easily with the internet thing, and those of you who create and work towards creation know what I mean when I say, "I don't have time to sit in front of a computer!"

So, here's the thing...for spending less time networking than I had planned, the entries have poured in and they seem to be pretty decent. Of course I have not watched all of them, but I am happy with what I have seen. I am networking with belly dancers and artisans and all kinds of fascinating people that will make this thing wonderful. I am very happy with how things look at this point.

The entries have come in from all over: Vancouver, BC, Toronto, Montreal, California, West Virginia, Mount Vernon, WA and of course, Seattle. I have too many features to show, and if I am going to show any, it will to be at another venue. That, is one of a number of new things I am working on!

We also may have music travel down from Vancouver, BC!

September 30th is the deadline, so don't miss it! See you in November...


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