Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Way It’s Supposed To Be: The Kind Human Spirit

I received another e-mail from another professional today, only this time it was different. Instead of going out of his way to degrade and tear down the work of another, this person acknowledged the fact that he would need pay, but also gave me reason why. He was not condescending; instead, he was respectful and professional.

In light of yet another person defining what I should do and how I should do it, this was a gentle reminder that not all is lost. I am a very patient person, and I take a great deal with little or no thought. Yet, sometimes, the shock of how truly horrible people are and have become to one another really takes its toll. I can’t help that I have higher standards.

It’s amazing how such a thing will be followed by a flicker of positive light. Try to remember that in your journey, and walk a path of your own whimsy. The dragonflies have visited me several times this week…

Another interested party e-mailed me with their interest. A student…that brings to mind another point: where do these people begin? Who offers them a beginning? Under my command, many have begun, and they learned and I learned and we created something that, despite ridicule or lack of enthusiasm, was different than all the rest. We had fun! I can give that to people, instead of some jerk tearing them down, just because he lacks the ability to dream.

I know now, because of these things, that my cast and crew will be strong, and unique. I hope I can treat them well, and I want nothing but the best for them.


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