Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Advice to Filmmakers and Artists Everywhere

Fuck conformity, and fuck those who are pathetic enough to follow it! That will be our theme for this evening...

The world, this country and its people, and popular media are stale. There are very few, if any, innovators out there doing anything of significance. Nothing and no one really stands out amongst all the others. Trent Reznor reinvented just as Reggio reinvented just as Riotgrrl reinvented just as Cream reinvented just as Devo reinvented and so on. Where is the drive for innovation? I can tell you, but it's not pretty. It has been swallowed by technological excess and apathy, and the lazy conformist pseudo-ego, pseudo-expert and their fucking audacity.

On a side note, I have to say that I don't really care. It's been a long winding road through my life dealing with small and useless minds. Grade school - picked on and misunderstood, high school - picked on and misunderstood, college - the same...but where are they now? If any of them have left Claremore, or Oklahoma for that matter and of their own accord (instead of something lame like a job or their parent's job), I would be shocked. I grew out of my box, placed so neat and pretty for everyone to adore. I adopted my own thoughts, my choices, my ethics and my behaviour.

All of this is for the benefit of you, the would-be filmmaker or artist. Learn to use the phrase, "fuck you", generously!

I am slightly pissed, not at what was said or who said it, but by the mere fact that people are actually this fucking stupid! It really doesn't give me very much hope these days.

Here are examples of actual stupidity, in response to my ads for film crew, where I have stated distinctly that it is a nonpaying gig:

Guy, have the basic decency to offer at least $50 a
day for people's expenses.

If you want someone's references, then offer your own,
or at least post some of your work.

Crap like this is what's making it so hard to find
people willing to work on independent projects!

...and then today...

You cannot break the rules unless you know them.
You don't. Gook luck discovering how not to make a film.

These are actual buffoons who are working in the "industry", or at least the latter of the two idiots is doing work. Even if I had a bigger budget and I could afford to hire these people, I wouldn't want such belligerent assholes anywhere near my set, would you? Let me define it for you, the would-be or already struggling artist:

There are no rules.

There are no set parameters.

When someone tells you it has to be done this exact way, walk the other direction.

If someone is so easily moved to offer their negativity, walk the other direction.

Perseverance, patience, and more perseverance.

Create, first and foremost.

Follow no one, save for yourself.

Listen with an open mind, make your own decisions, and follow your choices.

Critics don't make films.

Someone who is eager to tear you down is someone who lingers near the tail of your shadow.

Leave ego at home, and expect the same in your cast and crew.

You don't need a million dollars to make a film; sometimes, all you need is eleven bucks!

There are walkers, and there are talkers...

This is my advice to you. I move forward in different directions everyday, while the two conformists above move in only one direction. I have a number of people who are willing to work for free, if only for credit and experience. I have a person who wants to teach on my set as she performs her tasks. How awesome is that! Teaching and positivity instead of an opinionated prick with his mouth open and saying nothing. It is important to have ethics. I have respect for people I work with, and I have received the same. I have worked with some outstanding people, and I cherish them. I feel sorry for the people who work with the gentlemen mentioned above.

I am very honored by the positive responses I have received to my casting and crew calls; the good has outweighed the bad, and that is all anyone can ask for!


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