Monday, September 17, 2007

Awards and Competition

I have decided to continue one year further without competition, or the need for awards. I had hoped that money and time would be there for me to invest in the work of Neil Cluck once again; alas, it was not possible. My hopes are great and easily bent by the strain of the wind. I am indebted to Neil, and I am glad to have had his work involved in something as small as my festival. Many people do not understand my distaste for Tulsa, but Neil is both overlooked and under-appreciated by his own city.

Next year will bring change. I hope to regain this relationship with a great artist, and to move forward with the festival in a way that ties in with the Green Bean Coffee House, and yet moves forward into new horizons.

When so many of today's festivals, and even the lesser known festivals, seem to grow too large to make a difference, I pride myself on being small, and focused.


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