Saturday, December 15, 2007

Girl Directors

I remember going to my first "film fest" in Muskogee, back in 2000. It is a horrible festival that later inspired as to what I shouldn't do in my festival. Nonetheless, I was in my infancy in the so-called movie scene in Oklahoma, so I tried.

I was then, as I always have been, a supporter of women in cinema creating behind the camera as opposed to being exploited in front of it. At this festival, there was a young woman director whom I thought would be insightful and intriguing. I was wrong.

I am often reminded that, as much as people can be unique and fascinating, that singularity will also reveal lack of character and talent. This young woman, named Adele I believe, screened a film she created that dealt with magazines. At the time, I tried to find something more meaningful when in reality it just didn't make sense. It was shot well, edited well, and the sound was done well. It just didn't have much of a purpose. It was apparent after speaking with her, that she was not a director, or a filmmaker. She was the used car salesman that the festival looks for. I spoke to her of feminine point of view and creativity, and she looked at me as if I were some vial disease. I write this not because I was shown disrespect; I could care less about that. I write this because of the injustice of intent and attitude. Even if there was not oppression of color, religion, gender or sexuality, I still think it is important to offer encouragement and acknowledgement, and it is even more important in our current climate of prejudice and hate. I have learned much, and have been inspired by women. I continue to be, and I thank them.


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