Saturday, December 15, 2007

Short Film in the Snow (Bothell, WA)

I need a male and female participant that lives in the Bothell area, and can remain on 'stand-by' for any more snowfall we may have. This is a quite simple film shoot; if it snows, I need people I can call at that moment. We will meet at a location in Bothell, and perform a few quick scenes. It is that simple. There will be no pay, but I will offer credit and a copy of the finished work.

I need a male and female, roughly 19 - 39 years of age. You both will be playing a 'couple'. The attire needs to be an unpretentious fashionable wardrobe of winter wear, very picturesque and playful, full of color but not so posh as to establish social class. Varied colors of coat, scarves, gloves and hats will be required.

We may not receive another snow, and it all depends on the snowfall we would receive. This last snow was perfect, but it was not meant to be.

Please contact me with the usual material and contact information. Pass it along, and thank you.


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