Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Short Film: "The Pass"

I made the decision [this year] to postpone a new feature film, finish the first, and with that the goal to create and produce six new films in '08. This is, of course, in addition to the current post-production projects ("Water From the Mountain", "This Way and That", "In the Corner of Myself", "Colorswitch") and the five-year anniversary DVD compilation celebrating my first short film, "Adam and Yvette". I have written several small shorts over the last two weeks, and have revised and resurrected some others. A few projects will be shot on 8mm video, while the others are being shot on Super 8mm and 8mm.

Last Saturday I was hanging at the Green Bean Coffee House, while Doug Hayman and Fae jammed together for Fae's upcoming gig on the 25th. I found myself writing on not one, but two distinct scripts, and one became a finished product. The Super 8 short, "The Pass", became a reality one week later, today.

Almost immediately, I began to plan for the production. I placed a casting call here, and then on Model Mayhem and finally, Performer's Callboard. I was discussing the main role with a gentleman on MySpace, but I never received the pictures I requested, nor did he respond after Wednesday. I had three other people respond to the ad on the Callboard. Two of them just didn't have the look. The third I liked very much, which made it hard to decide between this guy and the one on MySpace. There 'was' an extra role in the film, and I was going to decide this afternoon which of the two would be the lead. I wrote an e-mail to both actors stating my decision, and only one responded. That person is Dylan Clissold, who responded through the Performer's Callboard. The MySpace guy didn't like the indecision, I suppose.

It's funny, because I could hear the pedantic mumbling of the masses saying, "you have to have to be sure!" No you don't. I may not know certain details or information until I am confronted with it. Some people can't deal with this. If confronted with this, feel privileged; you are better off without their presence and their standards. Instead, find people who are relaxed and cool about things, someone who likes to have fun doing what it is that they are doing. There, you can create.

I made the decision to have both actors show, and I would decide on site. Dylan was cool with this, and I phoned him Friday night, just to touch base. We talked details, time and place. He had my number and I had his. He called when he was running late, and he came prepared. During our conversation, he asked questions and was respectful, cooperative and involved. He did not step out of bounds or over my head, and still he was able to offer suggestions. Enduring the cold, damp day in Greenwood, he never complained nor did he create or become conflict. Overall, I recommend him as an actor, and I will be casting him again.

"The Pass" is only a week old. It was shot with the new Ektachrome 64T, which uses the E6 processing for slide film. It will be about three minutes in length and will feature a score composed by both Doug Hayman and Fae Wiedenhoeft. It stars Dylan Clissold and Hayden Smith of the Green Bean Coffee House, where most of the scenes take place. Additional scenes were shot in the Greenwood neighborhood. Due to the low light level inside, the film will be processed with a two-stop push processing, which will overexpose the film by two f-stops. I would like to see this completed by the end of February, although that might be tricky with my involvement in this year's RPM Challenge.

All scenes were shot, save for the final scene of a pencil lying at the base of a tree. After some thought, I may shoot this tomorrow here in Bothell, since the tree could be anywhere and still be relevant. Stay tuned for the official posting of the handwritten script.

Check out the Green Bean Coffee House; don't support Starbucks! Support your community, dammit!!

Be sure to check out Dylan Clissold; he has my support.


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