Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Final Shot: "The Pass"

As I said before, the final scene of the pencil leaning against the tree could be done anywhere and still remain relevant to the story, so I timed my daylight today and ventured into downtown Bothell. I thought of using the trees near the school or the library, but I wanted that piece of sidewalk in the shot.

My Sankyo took a beating yesterday with the weather and the cold. I didn't plan on shooting in the rain, yet Dylan and I endured to create art. My camera was soaked! The first shot was challenging, with large raindrops on the lens as I tilted the camera skyward. It was a matter of patience; still, the scenes were captured.

I was relieved to see my camera in working order this afternoon, with no ill effects of yesterday's journey through dampness and bohemian abandon. I walked along the North side of Main Street near Mill's. I wasn't happy with what I saw, so I found a moss-covered tree on the South side, and set up camp.

My light is diminishing and I am adjusting my tripod and checking my meter, when I spot two of the resident Jehovian Witnesses in their 1950's shirt and tie conformity, and they are walking my direction but on the opposite side of the street. I knew I was going to be paid a visit, as I must have looked to them as a bleeding gazelle must look to a hungry lion. I focused the shot.

I was able to squeeze off the last few rounds of celluloid loaded in my Sankyo. Hearing the motor run free, I shut it down and proceeded to snap a production still.

"How are you today?" The lion licks its chops.

I answered [without looking], "fine, how are you?"

"Would you like a picture of Jesus Christ?" (What?!?!)

The fangs have been shown. "No thank you, " I reply. I've been playing dead, and now, the predator feels my hoof mark on his jowls!

"Are you sure?" Retreat, regroup and attack again!

"Absolutely!" Another hoof to the head, and the lion runs away, defeated.

My film is done, the lions have been tamed, and the next adventure rests on the horizon like an old friend.


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