Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mid-Week Review of the "Solid" Film Shoot

After completing the footage for Mother, I discussed the next opportunity for the Chapter of Memory with Derick. We decided on the early morn of June 10th. Paulette has returned from California, and we spoke about the length of the tunic which will become the character of Fear. The costume is to be fitted for someone about my height, although I don't know who will fill this role as of yet. I wanted Fear to be menacing, so I needed someone with my build at the very least. I was finally able to reach Toni Alley of the Spotlight Theater. After discussing the film and the possibility of a shoot, I agreed to offer advertisement for the theater in the credits, and I will provide her with a copy of the script for her review. Finally, I tried once more to contact James George to establish this Sunday's shoot at Cafe Cubana. We are, however, set for the studio shoot on Monday, where we will complete scenes with Conan, Corey, and Derick, as well as the sequences for the trailer.


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