Sunday, June 04, 2006

Negativity and Evil Deeds: The Word is Spreading

I am a creative person. I create. In particular, I am a filmmaker; I'm not talking about being a filmmaker or shooting a film, I am living it, have lived it. I have two wonderful shorts that I am very proud of, and they stand as a testament to my precise and unique vision, and the story it originated from. Remember story? We wonder why cinema is dead, when we have forgotten the story. I am currently telling a story through a feature length film. The point is, I do not waste time...on pointless endeavors or accusations, or in people who are not conducive to my process.

I have people wanting to "know" me, who have contacted me regarding my work and their wish to open a dialogue, yet they associate with unprofessional people in this area that I have long since abandoned. It is, sometimes, a matter of the company we keep. I have strict ethics, and little tolerance for those who do not, especially since they are based on simple principles of honor and respect.

There are those in these scattered and torn film circles who are misleading, dishonorable and conceited. Their work is lackluster at best and significant only because film is of limited presence in this State; basically, there is no one else who has done it as much, as long and to a measurable extent, so therefore it is praised beyond its worth. Still, their pride can be seen in their misconduct. A mistake is made, an injustice or a violation against the young occurs and the pride justifies once more.....until, someone who has the freedom of mind to think for his or herself, asks a question...or makes a statement. Someone...takes notice.

There will come a time when more and more people will not blindly follow or accept the deeds of those with sinister agendas, and the creativity and the community will return.

These people do not realize they are being observed. They believe they can do no wrong, and I fear that their pride will, at some point, fall. How do I know this, I said, I left them behind as I have left others and as I am leaving others right now, and so my knowledge of their behavior is limited. Still, the deeds are working their way out, into the open, and they have traveled so far that, despite my lack of interest, this knowledge has found its way to me! If I, someone who cares not of these people, if I have discovered these unfortunate offerings...who else will hear? The word is powerful, and it is spreading.


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